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UNAH and the European Union Strengthening Institutional Capacities




UNAH and the European Union Strengthening Institutional Capacities


The project of Higher Education Internalization in Central America (INCA) is a project of the European Union framed within the ALFA III program, that belongs to an international cooperation program between Institutions of Higher Education (IES) from the European Unión and those  from Central America, lead by the University of Alicante, Spain. It’s objective is to restructure and modernize the international relations offices and  associated.


The project specifically is focus in improving the internationalization of higher education in Central America, a continental corridor with little experience in this sense. The idea is to counteract the regional isolation and foster the dialogue and international cooperation.


According to INCA’s web page, “the international cooperation can be the key to obtain economic benefits, (collection of funds, foreign students entries, investments or gains in research projects), social (cultural awareness, cooperation and mutual learning), as well as a reinforcement for development through the integration of good practices and experience transferences.


Working together at regional level, the Central America’s IES, will have the capacity to create a common cooperation fund, for areas such as quality, mobility, recognition, join investigation, programs and projects.


The project duration is of three years (11/ 2008 – 11/2011); in Honduras it is expected to help improve the knowledge and quality of the international relations managements, consolidate the ties with other Universities in the region, created new strategies, of planning, new auto evaluation techniques, new project ideas and alliances among the INCA partners.


Among the concrete products that have to be made at  local level and one at a the regional level, is the creation of a “Guide for International Relations Office Management” in Central America, with a 2000 copy print, to be distributed among  the universities in the  region, a sure support in the development of  internationalization plans,  web sites, internationalization training for 168 managers during the project,  creation of an international relation web and improvement of the structure and quality practices of international management.


The INCA project started its first meetings in march 2009 at the Universities of Alicante, Spain and Pierre Mendes Grenoble France, where the associates of Central America universities took part in several training conferences concerning the promotion of internationalization.


Up to date, three workshops have taken place.


The first was developed during December 2009 in San José, Costa Rica, over “Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education” with the purpose to offer an initial focus at the internationalization of higher education issue, to make the Central America Institutions  Aware about the need to included in their academic activities and institutional plans the international cooperation aspect.


During February 2010, at the University Village of the University of Alicante Spain, the second workshop took place, this time over “Collection of Resources collection and Management of international projects” with the purpose of: 1) Fostering the creation of strategies for resources gathering in the universities of the consortium. 2) Offer a specific training in writing international summons proposals. 3) Give practical orientations for management of international projects.


In that same opportunity, the workshop over “Information Technologies for the International Offices” was imparted with the objective to, 1) Provided to the representations of the different participant institutions first hand information and experience in the use of technologies for information and communication. (Tics), 2) Share real experiences in application of Tics. 3) Application of Tics in international Management projects.


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