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Call for Proposals: EACEA/35/08-L20 (Honduras, Guatamala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and



Coordinating Institution: 


University of Groningen- Netherlands 


Members of the partnership:


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras- Honduras

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán- Honduras 

Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala- Guatemala

Universidad Rafael Landívar- Guatemala 

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua - UNAN – Managua- Nicaragua 

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de León - UNAN – León- Nicaragua 

Universidad de El Salvador- El Salvador 

Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas- El Salvador 

Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas- Mexico 

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla- Mexico 

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo- Mexico 

Universidad de Guadalajara- Mexico 

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México- Mexico 

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille 1- France 

Technische Universität München- Germany 

Università degli Studi di Padova - Italy

Universidade do Porto- Portugal 

Universidad de Deusto- Spain 

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid- Spain 




Universidad Veracruzana- Mexico

Universidad Iberoamericana- Mexico 

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana- Mexico 

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León- Mexico 

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California- Mexico 

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey- Mexico 

Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana- Honduras 

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala- Guatemala 

Universidad Polítécnica de Nicaragua- Nicaragua 

Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense- Nicaragua 

Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado- El Salvador 

Consejo Nacional de Universidades- Nicaragua 

Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano- Guatemala

Consejo de Enseñanza Privada Superior - Guatemala

Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación - Mexico 

Univeresitat Politècnica de Catalunya- Spain 

Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w Krakowie- Poland 


Project Objectives: 


The main objective of the project is to establish long standing cooperation of 13 key universities from

Mexico and Central American countries, that is El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and

7 high level universities from EU Countries, that is France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and

Spain. The cooperation should be instrumental to contribute to the identified country needs and

constraints, in particular social cohesion and sustainable development. Key words in this respect are:



employability and citizenship. Objectives derived from the main aim are: 1) development of a strong

international network of universities; 2) interuniversity and transnational cooperation within the region;

3) to develop human capital through a cohort of people who have studied in institutions of different

European countries and are able to work in different languages and cultures: 4) an intense period of

internalization, particularly for a number of universities, among them located in least developed areas;

5) attainment of levels of internationalization in a significant number of universities and organisations,

including associate partners; 6) further development of systems of recognition; 7) attainment of

methods of social commitment and development of the social dimension as part of the mission of

universities -both EU and LA. 8)  development of a number of joint degrees, particularly at master

level; 9) development of international cooperation at Doctoral School level. The relevance of

incorporating the academics and researchers into specific lines of research and training them in

research abilities could be one of the actions with the highest impact.   



Brief description: 


Promoting and enhancing cooperation between universities from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala,

Mexico and Nicaragua and European universities is the main purpose of this project. This aim will be

realized through student and staff mobility. Mobility of students and young researchers involves all

levels: bachelors, masters, doctorate and post-doctoral studies. A total mobility of 152 persons - 80%

Latin Americans - is scheduled during the 48 months running period of the project: 122 students and

scholars from Mexico and Central American countries to Europe and 30 students and scholars from

Europe to Latin America.

Another objective is to promote and enhance recognition of periods of studies as well as qualifications.

The project should have an impact on the main academic fields identified, through cooperation not

only in the field of education but also in the field of research.  The development of joint degrees – in

particular at master level – and  international doctoral schools in three of the priority areas should

reflect that the universities involved in this project are looking for a sustainable relationship.

Special emphasis is laid on cooperation with less favoured areas in the countries involved, which

should result in advancing  the quality of universities in those regions. This is underpinned with a clear

policy for equal opportunities, assuring gender balance and preventing brain-drain. The project should

also contribute to the social cohesion of theMexican and Central American societies involved by

offering education to vulnarable groups and by raising awareness among European universities about

the importance of the social dimension in higher education.

The project is based on a Partnership of 13 Latin American universities and 7 European universities.

17 universities and organisations will act as associate partners. The universties have been selected on

the basis of a set of criteria: academic excellence, profile, identified academic priority areas and

geographical spread both in Mexico/Central America and in Europe. From the 13 LA universities five

are located in Mexico. Three of those Mexican universities belong to less favoured zones (BUAP,

UNACH and UAEH) and the other two (UNAM and UdG) are among the largest, most prestigious and

oldest universities in the country. In the case of the other LA countries, two universities were identified

in each case. The universities chosen are the most representative, traditional, and prestigious in the

higher education system. Of the thirteen universities selected, seven belong to the Network of Macro-

Universities (BUAP, UNAM, UdG, UNAN-Managua, UES; USCG and UNAH). A balance was made

between Mexico’s participation (with five institutions) and that of the other countries of Central

America. Given the size of the Mexican higher education system it was considered appropriate to

include five institutions geographically distributed and respecting the criteria of less favoured zones

(three universities) and wide coverage of matriculation (the UNAM and the UdG). All universities

involved train large number of students from less prosperous backgrounds. 

The project is coordinated by the Mexican Studies Centre of the University of Groningen in the



Erasmus mundus
Erasmus mundus



Address:                       University of Groningen

                                       Faculty of Arts, Dept of Romance Studies

                                       Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26

                                       P.O. Box 716 

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                                       The Netherlands

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